Friday, April 26, 2013

Bead Soup Reveal Time!

I received a ton of beautiful beads from my partner, Inge. Click here if you want to check out my original post showing all the beady goodness! Now let's get started...there's lots to reveal!
I love this flower bead...the copper wire and bookmark are gorgeous accents to bring out the rich pinks and oranges from the lampwork beads. I took this bookmark to a recent wholesale show as an example of my available work and it was a big hit!
I am completely in love with the way this necklace came together. The 4 bumpy beads are wonderful but they seemed to be "odd men out" since the rest of my soup was shades of blue and pink...then I discovered how fabulous they looked with this white rabbit ephemera pendant. This image is one of my favorites. Similar tiles are available for purchase in my supply shop, Asbury Avenue Designs.

Here is one of many focals included in my soup. I love the 60's retro feel of this necklace! I've worn it a couple of times and received many compliments on the fantastic colors and simple style.

I must confess...when I first saw all of the wonderful blue beads 7000 Bracelets of Hope came to mind. If you've followed my previous posts you know I have contributed twice now to this wonderful organization and I currently have designs in the works for a future donation. So how great is it that my partner sent me blue beads! This bracelet is one of my first attempts at liver of sulfur and a handmade clasp...I love how it turned out! This bracelet will be donated to 7000 Bracelets...check back later to see all the designs.

Another organization I have been wanting to contribute to is Ears to how great to have a few small beads in my soup to make a selection of earrings!

A collage of several items from my soup. The bracelets will go to 7000 Bracelets. The silver chain necklace includes another great focal and rose quartz from my soup. The copper and purple dragonfly has a lampwork bead from my soup...a bit hard to see the detail but it has lovely purple and pink flowers on it.

Another great pair of beads for earrings, I just added some salmon pink Czech glass for dangles. These will also be donated to Ears to You.

I wanted to make the clasp and focal bead center stage on this design so I kept it simple with chain and created a tassel with crystals and Czech glass. The clasp, focal and pink crystals are from my soup.

One last pair of earrings! I know you'll be shocked but yes they are going to Ears to You along with the rest! Thanks for sticking with me through the very long post. I feel like a accomplished a lot and I still have a TON of beady goodness left! Thank you to Inge for being such a generous soup partner!Many, many thanks to Lori for hosting all this fun!

Be sure to visit Lori's blog for a complete list of participants. Enjoy the hop!