Thursday, June 7, 2012

IT'S REVEAL TIME! Finally today we get to reveal our wonderful goodies from the Art Bead Earring Swap...Big thanks to Diana for putting it all together! Now on to the good stuff...
From Dee Elgie all the way from the UK came gorgeous, long, black and silver earrings...featuring beautiful frosted lampwork beads from Alchemy Lampwork, Dee made the black spacers and earwires, added silver hearts and Swarovski crystals...sparkly gorgeous!

Next up are the earrings I received from Linda Landig from right here in my lovely Pacific Northwest! These earrings feature adorable ladybug ceramic beads from Golem Studio and handmade earwires from Fresh String Beads. Did I cute, perfect for summer!

Thanks Dee and Linda, you each managed to catch bits of my favorite things (without even knowing it!) and create fantastic earrings that I will enjoy wearing and will compliment my wardrobe and personality!

Lastly, the earrings I sent to Dee and Linda...along with a shameless plug or two for the artists who made the beads and components I used...

On the left, the earrings I sent Linda feature copper dragonfly charms from Kristi Bowman Design. I have only had a chance to order a couple of things (so far) from Kristi but they have been fabulous and I will be shopping with her again...hopefully soon! The lampwork beads are from Pink Beach Studios, a favorite of mine...lots of selection and Stacy is always great with special requests.
On the right, the earrings I sent Dee...she said she likes bright and colorful! Enameled filigree from Sue Beads, another favorite for lampwork beads and enameled goodies. Lampwork headpins from Havana Beads, lots of wonderful goodies. And last but certainly not least lampwork beads from Bubby & McGurk, be sure to check them out on facebook where they run some fantastic sale events!

That's it for me but be sure to check out all the other fantastic creations from these lovely ladies...

Diana Ptaszynski
Patti Vanderbloemen
Diane Hawkey
Lesley Watt
Jenny Davies Reazor
Melinda Orr
Cilla Watkins
Stephanie Haussler
Sally Russick
Susan Kennedy
Cheryl Brown


  1. I love love love my earrings, and am happy you like yours! My blog is up - and please may I pinch your photo of the earrings I sent you as I forgot to take any! :)

  2. Of course you can use my photo...I almost forgot pics myself but remembered last minute before sending. I will be wearing my earrings to a dinner event this Saturday...they are perfect with my fancy outfit! :)

  3. May I pinch your pics too? Somehow I managed to take pics of the earrings I sent to Dee, but not yours. :(

    I'm so glad you like the ladybug earrings! The earrings from Dee look perfect for a fancy event-enjoy wearing them tonight!

    Thank you again so much for the earrings you gave me. They are perfect!

  4. Of course you may Linda and I do just love the earrings from you...I've worn them to work a couple times already :)

    I am so glad you like yours also.

  5. The earrings that Dee and Linda made for you are really beautiful and fun. Great art beads too.

  6. Fabulous designs, I love Kristi Bowman and Golem designs! They are all lovely!

  7. Thanks for listing the designers whose pieces you used! That was a thoughtful marketing plan. Lovely earrings! Fun swap!

  8. Those Golem charms are adorable. And the ones that you made are such boho chic. Very pretty! Enjoy the day. Erin

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    1. Sorry it's taken a few days to respond Miss Melissa...I've been a vendor on and off for several years and I always do fairly well. Last year was my slowest year yet and I was returning after skipping a year. I always make my money and then some and I have never lost money doing this show. Hope that helps :)

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