Monday, June 10, 2013

Sneak Peak Collaboration with Calico Collage!

About a week ago my lovely friend, Ella from Calico Collage offered me the opportunity to have a sneak peak of a new collage sheet she was preparing. I was even more honored when she asked if I'd like to make a few items before it was listed in her shop. This sheet is extra special since it features artwork from Ella's personal creations. Now that I've had a few days to create with it, she will be listing it in her shop sometime this week.

The images are fantastic! The tiles above will be listed in my supply shop, Asbury Avenue Designs. I only have a limited selection of these beautiful images so if you see something you like grab it before someone else does!


 I also made a few pendants to use in my own designs. I loved this image, so reminiscent of my inner flower child. I kept the design simple with Lucite flowers clustered into dangles and Vintaj brass chain.

I like the striking colors in this pink meets rocker chick! I really love how well the ribbon colors matched the image and again wanted to keep overall style simple so the image remains the center of attention. Hand dyed silk ribbon and wire wraps seemed perfect. I finished it all off with one of my handmade clasps. The wire used for the wraps and clasp are from Fallen Angel Brass, it's a beautiful darkened, almost black brass again perfect with this image.

Now for the sexy red baby doll image... Something about this image just says create with me! I had some boro beads from Firelily that matched the shades of red and the holes were big enough to go over the bronze chain. Originally I wanted to do a wire wrap or coil around the chain to hold the bead in place but that proved to be too much of a the end I decided on a trio of red stone dangles to create a "stopper" so the bead will slide up the chain but stop at the bead cluster. I think it works :)

And the beautiful fan lady...this was actually the first piece I finished. I think this one is a favorite for several reasons...most of all because I'm not really a pink person but I love the way all these shades of pink came together to show off this gorgeous image. I also don't make a lot of symmetrical designs, so this one was out of my design comfort in several ways. I used a hand dyed silk ribbon called "sweet tart", along with ceramic beads from Gaea and some pink enamel flowered bead caps I've been hoarding from Sue Beads. The chain, filigree and wire are darkened brass from Fallen Angel Brass.

Last but not least...these are the creations I am still working on. I am thinking to branch out on my wire working skills but feel I still have a ways to go...


  1. I am completely speechless! You have done a magnificent job with my works. Oh my! I can't even begin to pick t favorite among these lovelies! <3 Thank you!!

    1. Thank you! I really enjoyed working with your art! So glad you feel I did you justice :)