Thursday, October 23, 2014

Royal Feather...Reveal Time!

It't that time again to enjoy another design challenge and blog hop hosted by the wonderful Andrew Thornton! If you are not familiar with Andrew's design challenge kits you can visit his blog here for the details. Now on to the good stuff...

I usually take pictures of the kit when I receive it but this time...OOPS! forgot that part...or if I took them, I stored them in a super secret folder on my computer. If you want to see what was in the kit you can check it out here. So I really love purples and greens so I was excited to grab this one up. I played with design possibilities for several days but in the end settle on bracelets...LOTS of them! 

They are all tied on Irish waxed linen...some have plum, some olive, and some emerald green. The plum came with the kit all other colors are from my own supply. I used brass snap clasps from my supplies and one artisan charm...I'll give you the details when we get to that picture. 

Everything else is from the kit...I love how each bracelet is beautiful alone but also look great in any combination together...makes for lot of versatility...which I love in my jewelry! Isn't the polymer crown charm fantastic? Andrew made it as our mystery component this time. It has a lovely shimmer that kind of shows in the picture although never as dazzling as it is in person.

Remember that artisan charm I mentioned earlier? I won 3rd place in the ACM Jewelry Designer Contest held in July...if you have not checked out this group on Facebook you really should...tons of beady goodness all in one great location. We've also started a marketplace to shop all these lovely bead artists. Anyway...long story, longer...HAHA! I got to choose $10 worth of goodies from one of our artists shops. I chose Linda Landig...she makes wonderful ceramic goodies. I asked her to surprise. This fantastic charm is ONE of the goodies she sent me. It is a perfect element for the dark greens of this kit! and the perfect size for a bracelet charm :)

This is the first bracelet I made ...funny it's the last I'm showing. I love this combination the luster in the green beads is perfect with the dark plum color. 

I also made earrings to match this bracelet...the picture of them alone was not loading had to resort to just sharing the picture of the pair...

and a picture of all the bracelets together...lovely combination, don't you think? So that's it for me this time. Thank you once again to Andrew for putting together wonderful kits full of inspiration and beady goodness! I hope you will check out the other participants below and see what lovelies they created! ~Kari

On Andrew Thornton's blog:


  1. Great selection of designs for the bracelets. Congratulations on winning your jewelry contest! You used the ceramic charms perfectly with the beautiful bead mixes. It is always nice to have mix and match accessories at your fingertips!!

  2. OMG- I love the pic of the bracelets as a stack. So on trend and something I would pin to make myself if I saw it on Pinterest!!! Now I am inspired to make a stack! Awesome job!!!

  3. I love all your bracelets! You are right that the colors in this kit are wonderful and you used them to great effect!

  4. Great designs! I love how they all play together so nicely.

  5. Love these! How wonderful to have so many fun bracelets. ;)

  6. Love them! My fav is the one with Andrews focal and I love the earrings.

  7. Sorry I'm so late to hopping... I've been on the run nonstop lately! I'm impressed by all the bracelets you made. You were busy! I think my favorite is the last one you shared (the first you made!).