Friday, September 19, 2014

Festival of Lights...Reveal...Better Late than Never!

A big apology to Andrew, our host and my fellow challenge participants for my late post. I hope you will all forgive me this's been a crazy couple of weeks and turned out to be time with my mom and then time with my daughter later in the evening. Much fun was had but now here I am late, late, late!

I only have a couple of pieces completed this time...I ran into time crunches with a trade show and orders to fill after...but that's a good thing! :)

First up the earrings...I loved these two slightly mismatched, colorful beads. They were just meant to be earrings! They are finished off with a selection of beads from the kit and my handmade antique copper findings. Lots of color and movement in these adorable earrings!

Then there was the sunburst idea...I have to give total credit to my mom for the idea...I just executed her concept! It uses the wonderful mystery component from the kit along with a random assortment of beads from the premium blend and my handmade brass spiral headpins. This was supposed to be a complete necklace but this is where schedules got crazy and there was just no chance to get further. It sits on my desk, along with a few other ideas from this kit waiting to be finished. That's on next week's list now that show orders are shipped! 

I always try to design several things from Andrew's wonderful kits but this time a fell quite short of that goal...but sometimes that's ok, right?

Thanks for stopping by, below you will find a  list of links to the other participants for this hop. I do hope you will pop in and see what lovelies they created! ~Kari


  1. Lovely earrings! Oh, that pendant, amazing! I can't wait to see how you will use it!

  2. I would always choose time with my mom over beads! But she added to the bead end too by giving you the great idea of the starburst. Lovely, and the earrings are as well.

  3. The pendant is very creative. I too look forward to seeing what you do with it.

  4. Very cute earrings and I love your handmade spokes for the mystery component. I totally commiserate with you about the time crunch. We all have them!!

  5. The pieces that you made are very nice! The earrings look like they have a lot of fun movement. And the pendant you made is super groovy! It reminds me of a Midcentury modern atomic sunburst or a festive ornament. Very pretty. Thanks so much for participating! And sorry to hear that you didn't have much time to work on projects this time. I think that's the biggest challenge... making time! I'm glad that you were still able to participate!

  6. Ummmmm, you may have been late to the party, but your designs are awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! LOVE the sunburst!!!
    I'm really late getting back to the reveal to comment!!! Better late than never, right??

    1. It's never to late to catch up on reveals and comment. so glad you enjoy my designs :)