Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Michael's Beading Challenge Blog Hop...Reveal Time!

A big thank you to Lorelei and Heather, our co-hostesses for putting together a fun bead challenge and blog hop. I was looking for a good reason to procrastinate when I saw the share on Facebook to join the hop and there's never a better reason to procrastinate then a design challenge, right?

I borrowed this picture from Lorelei's original post about the challenge. I was able to get all but 2 of the strands at my local Michael's store...for those 2 strands I looked around and was able to find similar styles to substitute. Here's the group of beads I used, including a few additional items I considered as I was thinking over possible designs.

Sorry my photo is a bit dark...I took it in one of my design trays, under my desk not optimum photo conditions. I really love the color selections Heather chose, the jewel tones and bright colors with the dark wood...very gorgeous and really spoke to my creative muse!

I've had this tile stashed from one of the first batches I ever made! I love the colors in this butterfly but I never had quite the right combination to make it into a design...until now. The bright colors in this challenge were perfect!

It's a long style, no clasp slips easily over the head. It's also a very rare (by me) symmetrical design.

In addition to the rare symmetrical design, I also made matching sets for this challenge, something I rarely do but for some reason felt compelled with these designs. Here is the bracelet...

and the earrings...

Next up another necklace design...I'd been saving this tile for just the right beads too...

Beautiful isn't it?

and I'm back to my asymmetrical style...and of course when I couldn't find the flower etched wood beads, I substituted with the same beads in the dragonfly version. Had to get my dragonflies in here somehow! and the coordinating bracelet...

and earrings...

I do love how this set came together...and dragonflies! Next I made 3 bracelets styled to be worn separate or together in any combination that suits your mood!

They are all adjustable too...I prefer whenever possible to design bracelets this way for best fit on anyone.

Did I mention they are great simple styles for wearing alone or stacking together or even with other bracelets? I really love how they turned out for the simplicity of the design.

I included one of my scrabble size tiles on this one. I love the colors in this bird and he just fit with these bracelets. Don't you think? Here's a picture of all of them together...

Wonderful colors together and the beads are all a nice size but not too much on the wrist. and yes there's earrings...

So that's everything...I used up almost all of the beads purchased for this challenge and added just a few findings, spacers, ribbon, waxed linen and the ephemera tiles. It was really fun to challenge myself with just the beads in the challenge and not add a lot from my stash. Thanks again to Lorelei and Heather!

We'd love it if you would hop along with visit the other participants please visit Heather's blog by clicking the link. She is having everyone provide a link on her post to keep things simple. Happy hopping!

I will be listing these designs for sale later this can visit my shop by clicking the shop link at the top of my blog page. If you are interested in purchasing something before I get the listings done you can email me or send me a message on Facebook to work out the details. If you are interested in purchasing similar tiles to the ones seen here, please visit my supply shop, Asbury Avenue Designs.



  1. You came up up with fantastic designs for the challenge! I split the last flower design wood bead strand with my friend. We toyed with getting the dragonfly. Like what you did with it! Enjoy the hop!

  2. Very pretty designs, Miss Kari! I especially love the last necklace and the stacking bracelets. And I think that I like the dragonfly beads better than the flower ones. Enjoy the day. Erin

  3. Those are all fabulous. Mother bracelets are such a great idea and would look awesome stacked. I love how your pendants go so well with the beads. The colors are beautiful together!

  4. Your pendants are beautiful and I love the stackable bracelets! So bright and pretty by themselves OR together!

  5. So beautiful! Your pieces were perfect with those beads.

  6. Kari these are gorgeous! You guys are making me long to stack some fun bracelets. I love them all piled together. Thanks for playing along and sharing all these beauties!

  7. Wow - you made so many pieces! I love your use of chain. And the dragonflies are super cute!

  8. Stunning. Just stunning. The pink beads make your flower pendant POP in the asymmetric design set. I love your work, you have gained another blog follower!

  9. Yes they are beautiful! I just adore the bird bracelet.

  10. Kari this are great! I especailly like the bracelets and the design you used which is so super adjustable.