Thursday, July 17, 2014

Good Earth Challenge...Reveal Time!

Looking for my Bead Soup here.

While my jewelry design muse has been madly creative writing muse has completely deserted me! and all I can say to that is WTH! Did she not get the memo that we'd have blogs to write for all these fabulous design challenges I've signed us up for? I mean really I have been so inspired to create lately...uncharacteristically ahead of schedule with my finished pieces and cranking out tons of designs...then I sit down to write and whitty quips...just blah, blah, blah! So for now I'll just apologize for not being quite so entertaining and remind myself you've really come to look at the pretties anyway...hopefully I'm dazzling you with that and you don't even notice my sudden lack of writing. But enough about that!

Andrew Thornton has put together another fantastic design kit and I was lucky enough to grab one up! I love his kits. They are FULL of all kinds of pretties and always a wonderful mystery component...we don't know what it is until we receive our package and it's always something wonderful! I have participated many times and I am always inspired. This time was no on the the Good Earth Reveal...

I love how this necklace came together. I used one of my new ephemera tiles created from the new boho images by Calico Collage. Similar tiles are available in my supply shop Asbury Avenue Designs. This image was perfect with the large brass feather included in the kit. The gold waxed linen and all beads are also from the kit. Vintaj brass clasp and jump rings complete the design. Next is a close up of the entire necklace.

Next the entire necklace laid's a long style with mismatched beads on each side.

Next up another necklace using one of the mystery components...

I fell in love with this polymer pendant as soon as I saw it! It coordinated perfectly with a strand of the czech beads included in the kit. Everything is brought together with sage waxed linen.
This design has no clasp...another long style, easily slipped over the head.

I wore this necklace layered with the next necklace and another from my own collection a few weeks ago and received several compliments on the grouping.

This one is another no clasp design...for some reason lately I'm loving the long, slip over the head layer lots of them on style. This one has the luster glass beads and square seed beads from the kit. Everything strung on natural, undyed  waxed linen. It's a double strand and the seed beads move freely between their knotted spaces just for fun.

Next up...bracelets and yes...they are perfect for layering!

The glass in this bracelet didn't photograph well for has more yellow than the picture shows and to me looks much prettier in person. Anyhoo...I don't work with gold findings much but the kit included this gold clasp and it was too perfect with this design not to use it. Everything is from the kit except the waxed linen and the gold jump rings, handmade by me, some of my first!

and another bracelet...remember the theme is layered...

I picked through the premium blend for this kit for enough red and metallic coated rondelles to fill out this design...they really complimented the amber colored acrylic chips...luckily I managed to find enough of them! A combination of my large and small handmade jump rings provided the additional length needed. The asymmetry of this bracelet layered with the symmetrical bracelet is a very nice contrast.

and now some earrings...

There were only 2 of these little beads in my kit but I was really drawn to the blue hue on them like streaks on a window. I know weird but they had to be earrings...with blue waxed linen to match the streaks :)

and last but not least...

These were actually the first thing I made when the kit arrived. They are acrylic so very lightweight and there were only these 6 in the they had to be graduated earrings, right? I am very behind on listing items for sale but I am hoping to have these listed this weekend. So if you are interested in purchasing stop back then and hit the shop tab at the top of my blog. If you would like to purchase something before I get it listed feel free to email me or message me on Facebook so we can work out the details.

I hope you enjoyed your stop here today. I love to read your comments. I also hope you will take some time and visit the other participants. I'm sure there will be lots of pretties you won't want to miss! 

A big THANK YOU to Andrew! I love all the inspiration and beady goodness you manage to pack into these design kits!

Andrew Thornton, Alison Herrington, Laurel Ross, Kim Griggs, Deb Floros


  1. You designed great easy charming pieces, I can totally imagine them worn together, stacked, layered to celebrate the Good Earth. I love the look of visible, colorful linen cord!

  2. Your pieces are wonderful and really do work well individually or layered together. I had the same issue photographing those yellow glass beads, the light washed out the delicate color but they still look beautiful in your piece.

  3. Wowza! Your Bead Muse really has been in hyper drive :D I love all your designs with the kit components. And I agree...the layered effect would be fabulous. The tile in the first necklace is absolutely perfect with the feather and accent beads. The slip over necklaces are a great way to wear these wax linen accented designs. Fun and flirty!! I also love your hand-made jump rings and the asymmetrical bracelets. You pulled everything together in a very creative and fun design package :D

  4. Your designs are wonderful! I am loving the slip-over-the-head necklaces and am especially in love with the one using the leaf pendant and sage linen. So eye-catching! Another favorite is the bracelet with the amber acrylic chips. Just really pretty. I also haven't used gold findings much, but I really enjoyed that pretty clasp from the kit!

  5. Great pieces Kari! Love, love, love!

  6. Now I am sad. For some reason, the pictures aren't loading and I want to see!

    1. I noticed earlier on other blogger blogs I visited pictures seemed slow to load...they loaded for me ok just now. Not sure what might be going on...I'll share them on Facebook so you won't be sad.

  7. I ended to rebooted my computer and got the pictures pulled up. I love your ease with the long strands of waxed linen. I try to do something similar and it looks like I forgot to add beads. Great job!

    1. Excellent so glad you got it to work and liked what you saw :) I don't really do anything special on the long strands...if anything it's really random. I know some measure the space and all this fancy stuff. I tend to just throw them on and knot where ever it "feels" secret method there

  8. All of your pieces are so pretty! All that knotting must have taken forever! I like the first necklace with the horse pendant and the amber chip bracelet the most out of your collection.

  9. Adore the first necklace! Love your big jump rings, too!

  10. Holy cow! You were dang productive! I love all the pieces you created. They've got such an easy elegance (not that they look "easy" but fresh and naturally lovely) and I could see them worn together or individually. I think you've done a wonderful job! I'm always excited to see what you'll make. Thanks again for participating!