Saturday, August 2, 2014

Choosy Chicks Choose Chicklets...REVEAL TIME!

So when the lovely Rita of Toltec Jewels tempted us with a chicklet bead and a blog hop I could not pass up the opportunity. I love Sue Kennedy's beads and her chicklets are simply divine! So many wonderful colors, when she first started offering them I had to add them to my collection...a lot of them! ;) But enough about that...

Rita offered sign ups and I believe was limiting to 20 sign final count I think she let just over 40 of us in on the fun! Thank you for being such a generous hostess! After sign ups I patiently...well mostly...waited for the arrival of my chicklet... 

Here it is fresh out of the envelope...colors selected at random but how perfect is it that I got a lilac, purplish one? If you don't know me, I'll just say it's PERFECT! Now in the meantime I had managed to snag a couple of Shine On Collaboration Kits from Staci Louise Originals and Genea Beads. These two lovely ladies have created some awesome collaborations and the Shine On kits were no exception. I rarely make jewelry for myself but I specifically purchased the kit to design something for me...but rebel that I am...I wasn't going to just follow the kit design/instructions. Anyway, I tell you all this because the kit was on my table when the chicklet arrived and as they say...the rest is history!

I decided on a charm style design and selected several special personal charms to add. So the picture above was a sneak peak in progress I shared on Facebook a while ago...

Aren't Genea's beads delicious? Deep, gorgeous colors!

and a close up of the charms which include a sterling silver pentacle, a goddess offering, blackened brass wing...yes from Fallen Angel Brass...and a lampwork headpin from the kit. The small dangles on the pentacle are faceted moonstone and crystals. Also, a peek of the beautiful coloring in polymer clay star focal made by Staci.

and of course my gorgeous perfect with this palette :)

one more up close of the charms, focal and beads all together...and finally...

Here is the entire necklace. I've worn it several times...both my daughter and mother have tried to steal it right off my neck! But this beauty is all MINE! 
THANK YOU again to Rita for her generosity! Thank you Sue, your beautiful beads have brought me much joy and inspiration!

This is a blog hop so I hope you will visit the links below to see what other choosy chicks made with their chicklets! Have a great week! ~Kari

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  1. Hi Keri, those colours...♥♥♥ Such a great combination with that sweet little chicklet. It's a beautiful design that you made, with all the art beads. Love the asymmetry of it! I can imagine that this beauty is a keeper (-:

  2. Don't you love serendipity? Beautiful piece, and definitely one to keep!

  3. the colors match perfectly, and such an unusual collection of beads. I'd say serendipity too, but someone else already had.

  4. Great work - love that you combined the beads for the charm effect. Your colors are great and a lovely piece.

  5. Lovely lovely design. You pulled together a wonderful eclectic mix of beads and charms with metals and fibers and it all came together perfectly.

  6. that is a beauty! no doubt you've got people trying to steal it :)

  7. Amazing wonderful piece. I love how all the colors and textures go together.

  8. love the goddess where can i get one
    your piece is so eclectic love it

    1. Thanks Lori! I'm not sure where they might be available...I happened to find mine at a local magick/herb shop. It was sitting on the counter in a small bowl of goodies by the register and I just couldn't pass it up. It is called a goddess offering you might try google.

  9. I love it! Very talismanic and amazing.

  10. This is really beautiful! I have admired Genea/Staci's kits and really enjoy seeing one used here along with the lovely chicklet. Great job and really fun to see.

  11. What an incredible necklace with such empowering charms. Just love it!

  12. I love the different colors of purple that you used. It flows nicely!

  13. How neat, I would never have thought of charms.
    It turned out lovely.

  14. An absolute gorgeous work of art, great colors, great components, great design!

  15. Ok, that's just a stunner from the word go! It's like a celebrity piece, with all those gorgeous artisan beads! I just adore that color palette too!

  16. What a striking necklace Kari. No wonder your daughter and mom want to steal it off your neck. Hang on tight, 'cuz its a winner!

  17. How SPLENDID! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that purple silk *drool* Such a beautiful piece and I love the black wire with it.... brilliant!

    Linda A.

  18. Great design - love the colours!

  19. Oh how nice. These are such great beads.

  20. Wow! I love how you put all of those great art beads together. This is a really stunning piece.

  21. I love your necklace, you better hide it!!

  22. Gorgeous necklace! I can appreciate why your daughter and mother both want it. Eclectic and full of great components. Lovely asymmetrical design. Aren't you lucky to have snagged one of Stacy and Genea's kits. I was drooling over them. Love what you did with all of your goodies , especially the chicklet!

  23. I like the combination of the material in your necklace. Very beautiful...

  24. I should have known you would come up with something divine! And what a fine collection of bead makers you assembled for your cause! I'm so impressed with this, Kari! I love your style! ~Sharyl

  25. How beautiful! I love the colors and how your chicklet really shines. Excellent Job!

  26. Oh my goodness. This amazingly stunning. I love that star bead so much! What a stunning used of mixed media.