Saturday, September 15, 2012

Bead of Clay Design Team Reveal!

Several months ago the opportunity came to be part of a wonderful design team through Bead of Clay. So many of us wanted to participate that we've been split into teams...each waiting our opportunity to participate in a design series. I was so excited to hear at the end of July that I would be part of the August/September round of designers.

Marla was so wonderful to give a sneak peak of all the loot that would be coming our way...the ideas of course began swirling at first sight. So many fantastic beads, components and even fiberwire to work with...did I mention I was excited!

Then Marla presented us with a challenge... She asked that we make a pair of earrings and a necklace OR bracelet. The catch, we had to use EVERYTHING  sent to us in our designs...leave nothing out. Did I mention we were getting a TON of stuff? Here's a picture of the all the loot...

I have to take a moment to say I love the color pallette and they all did a fantastic job with coordinating colors to each others items. Now back to that use everything and only 1 pair of earrings and 1 necklace OR bracelet...yikes! Best to just dig in...and take a few progress pictures along the way!


I picked beads for the earrings first. I really liked the purple rounds..I know hard to believe, lol. At first I was undecided about the teal tubes or the green rounds (slightly mismatched). So at this point I set the earrings aside and decided to move on for the moment...

Links, dangles, and more links... It is at this point I will tell you I decided to cheat, just a little, in my design. I actually end up with 2 necklaces, which can be worn together or separately and a pair of earrings that can be worn with either necklace. I wanted to follow Marla's request but felt I also had to let the beads 'speak' to me. Besides I'm an artist, not good at following directions by nature...LOL!

So the first necklace is a 3 strand chain style linked together with one of my hubby's new handmade copper rings...coming soon to our supply shop Asbury Avenue Designs. I love the way this necklace turned out, I was able to use most of the loot in this necklace without having the piece be "too much". wrapped links are spaced out on each strand and I've made this one adjustable to it can be worn close to the neck up to about 18-19 inches.


The adjustable style of this one perfectly compliments the extra lenth in the second necklace. It took me a bit to get past only having one of Kristi's beautiful copper cones...oh what I could have done with two! But the one I decided was perfect to create a focal with a few of the larger beads that just didn't sit right as links for the first necklace.

This simple style also turned out to be a great place to use the fiberwire and not have it get 'lost' in the design.

Right about now you're thinking what happened to the earrings...

and now that I've shown you all these beautiful goodies, in wonderful pictures and collages...I wanted to show how both necklaces can be worn together and how the earrings compliment everything but of course...I couldn't get a good picture to save myself! So pardon this horrible picture but you can atleast see how it all goes together.

My extra long post is almost over...just a little business and thank you left to do...THANK YOU to all the wonderful artists from Beads of Clay...without you we would not have this wonderful design group! I hope you will visit the other designers who participated. Links to their blogs are below along with links to all the bead designers for your shopping pleasure. :)


Lesley Watt
MaryLou Holvenstot
Shannon Chomanczuk

BOC Contributors:

Karen Totten Starry Road Studio
Julie Rowe Beads, Birds and Bones
JeraLuna Designs
Marla James Marla's Mud
Kristi Bowman KristiBowmanDesign
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  1. Nice job Kari! - really smart and inventive designs that look great. Well done :)

  2. Really pretty! I love necklaces that include that tassel design, and the way the fiber wire frames the sides with the bright colors is lovely.

  3. Oh la la, what great pieces! Love them all, and they look so great all together, well done!

  4. Very Cute set. Great use of the Fiberwire. I like how the necklaces work so well together.

  5. Using up all those beads would be difficult for me. I love your necklace designs, and find it fascinating that you managed to make them work together without being bulky or too busy. I like how you used the fiber wire as well, and the earrings are so sweet!

  6. I love the idea of 2 necklaces that can be paired together or worn solo! You did a great job with the fiber wire - I am so intrigued with it, yet still a little stumped on how to use it - LOOKS GREAT! All wonderful pieces!

  7. You used that fiberwire so creatively, I love that look. Beautiful design, so feminine and attractive.

  8. I love everything! You did such a beautiful job with all the components.

  9. I think that you should just count both necklaces as one especially since they look so lovely together. Beautiful work!

  10. this is lovely! What a gorgeous design you came up with, I love the multi strand aspect of it and that gorgeous copper connector.