Saturday, September 1, 2012

Challenge of Travel

It's reveal time...but first a bit about the challenge...

I saw this challenge just a day or two before it closed, so I didn't really have to time to think beyond sounds fun, I love a design challenge and so I went for it! For the challenge we had to choose a region other then where we live and then pick a nation in that region to use for design inspiration...or we could choose 'surprise me' for the nation...surprise is good, right?

I chose Oceania...and was surprised with Solomon Islands. I proceeded to Google it, though I had a pretty good idea of the general information and photos I would find. Tropical, clear blue waters, green forest areas just off of sandy coastlines and many yummy colorful fish...I apologize for not sharing any of the pictures I found but illness came soon after my research began and soon it became more important to try to finish my piece then to re-search for the pictures.

I love the bright tropical colors, blues and greens are color favorites to work with so even with the sudden illness I was thinking no problem...this should be a breeze...

My first attempt...I purchased a wonderful tutorial from Shannon LeVart of Miss Fickle Media for making a sari silk and stone I decided to give it a try...even though I had no sari silk on hand...

I hand forged my own copper bracelet form from the instructions, not too difficult. Then on to a sari silk substitute...beautiful, hand dyed silk ribbon should do the trick and how perfect! I have some in ocean shades of blue and green. So following the tutorial I begin wrapping my ribbon with wire...I think about halfway through the wrapping I wasn't convinced but continued on hoping it would get better...not so much... I got as far as adding the bead and quit! I have since ordered some sari ribbon in sever beautiful colors because I LOVE Shannon's tutorial and would like to try again with the proper materials...wish me luck!

So now we are about a week from reveal time and I have no ideas...time to grope the bead stash and hope the magic happens...

I started with the bag goodies I have from Nan Emmett of Spirited Earth I have recently purchased some of her beach style pendants so maybe they will 'speak' to me...and so it's the mermaid. She is not the tropical shades of blue and green. The bead bundle that 'works' with her is not either, rather they are darker greens, with coppery browns...if there is such a thing...and a bit of cranberry. Then I remember seeing just a few pictures of natives to Solomon Islands...beyond the clear blue water, sandy beaches and green forest...were the native huts made from large brown leaves and the native people in there natural colors, just a hint of red, blue or greens beads in the personal adornments. So it was decided...for better or worse...

It works for me...pendant and beads are from Nan Emmett. I used bronze chain and I am proud to say Drew, my hubby, made the beautiful, hand hammered copper ring. He has made several more which will be available soon in our supply shop, Asbury Avenue Designs.

A close up of the beads...

and I couldn't resist a collage...

or two...

I hope you will visit all of the other participants...and I hope you enjoyed your visit to my little travel spot along the way!

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  1. Love the mermaid pendant, I think you made a beautiful piece. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I've been meaning to check out that tutorial again, thanks for the reminder. I like what you have so far. The mermaid necklace is a great switch up, very pretty

  3. YOur piece is great! I like the copper round echoing the mermaid focal. And I think the simple design allows you to see the beads. Great offering!

  4. Beautiful.... I love mermaids and that focal rocks. great job.

  5. The necklace is beautiful. I love the mermaid pendant. It makes me think of the sea. The copper and brass are a great match for the earthy beads. I liked your bracelet as well. I can't wait to see what you do the second time around. :)

  6. The mermaid focal is gorgeous, and the beads surrounding it in your necklace are beautiful! Love it! However, I must be a real jewelry dork because I LOVE the bracelet you made JUST LIKE IT IS!!! I do know of the tutorial, and I know the sari silk would make a gorgeous bracelet, but really...this one is stunning as is!

  7. Thank you ladies, especially Patti! I think with all the positive comments I the bracelet I may have to ad the finishing bits to complete it. :) I do really appreciate the wonderful comments and feedback on my creations. I went into this so excited and then with the set back of illness my excitement waned and of course I felt my muse did it's wonderful to have such positive comments.

  8. The necklace is lovely, it evokes a different aspect of the islands to what one would normally see. And I do like what I can see of the bracelet, so hopefully can see the rest of it one of these days.

  9. Absolutely wonderful!!! You did an incredible job with your writing, gorgeous art, research -- all with an illness too? I purchased a special tutorial on ombre Viking knit for my Travels to Ireland, and my sweet doggie had a horrible allergic reaction with facial swelling, hives -- 2 trips to the animal hospital and 3 days later, all was well, but my viking knit was not to be. Yet, you created so beautifully! I'm inspired by you :) EVERYthing here is so good: love your husband's handcrafted chain, your mermaid, the handcrafted artists, your "sari" bangle, that you let the Solomon Islands choose you!

    Your journey gives me courage and gentleness with myself and life's journey.

    Rita (TJ)

  10. Love the necklace- it turned out beautifully.

  11. Kari, congrats for forging ahead despite illness. Your bracelet is lovely... I think tutorials are "just" for inspiration, a jumping-off point. We always make them our own, as you have done.

    Your second piece is also very original with its hand-forged ring and colours chosen with an eye for detail. Thank you for showing us a glimpse of the Solomons that is beyond the iconic beach and tropical forest. Well done, Kari!

  12. Even though a "not so much" happened for you, I'm sure once you get the supplies you need for it, it's going to be gorgeous! As to that necklace? Oh, just a total "Yum!" coming from me! Love it!

  13. Great focal beautifully set off by that copper hammered piece. The beads and chain are perfect setting, not too much, not too little.

  14. I love the necklace! Such a sweet and easy to wear piece :)

  15. What a beautiful necklace! I love the colors and it looks so comfortable to wear.

  16. Miss Kari, I am sorry to hear about the health issues you are dealing with and your husband's as well. I am happy that you were able to still participate. Go Drew! That ring is beautiful! The colors are very soft and soothing and I feel the pull of the mermaid's call. Beautiful! Thank you for joining me on the journey around the world, Miss Kari! Enjoy the day. Erin

  17. Hey Kari! Beautiful pieces! I'll have to check out the Solomon Islands! Hope you are feeling better.

  18. Wonderful design! Your interpretation of the colors you saw of the island and it's people work beautifully! I also really like the placement of the elements you worked with; very tribal yet serene at the same time.

  19. I love the beautiful colors of the bracelet, and the necklace is absolutely wonderful! I hope you are feeling better by now.