Saturday, September 8, 2012

Thanks to our CBC Admins!

Today I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to 5 fantastic ladies! They put in alot of work a administrators for our Facebook group...Creative Bead Chat. We are 1,000+ members and still growing.

Help me show these wonderful ladies how much we appreciate all they do to promote, advise and support all of us in this wonderful chat group. Below are links to each of their shops, so stop by and check out all of their great products...I bet you'll find at least one thing you just must have...

Marla James of Marla's Mud
Melinda Orr of Melinda Orr Designs
Karen Totten of Starry Road Studio
Marla Gibson of Spice Box Designs
Keirsten Giles of Lune Designs

This group is so great with it's friendships, advice, encouragement and support...thank you doesn't really seem like enough.


  1. Kari, doesn't it blow your mind how many people are taking time to drop in and say thanks? My email notifications from FB have been buzzin' ALL DAY!

    1. It has been great to see so many taking the time to say thanks! They do such a wonderful job and hopefully today they are feeling the love and appreciation! :)

  2. Great post, Kari. I really enjoyed hosting the CBC Administrator Day. Our admins are the best!