Friday, September 21, 2012

Surprise! My Pay It Forward Gift Arrived!

You may remember at the beginning of September I had a Pay It Forward post. The idea was after I was one of 3 people to comment on Patti Vanderbloemen's post to receive a surprise, I would 'Pay It Forward' by offering the same  opportunity on my blog. The only set rule was you have to mail out your surprises sometime in the next 365 days...fortunately Patti did not make me wait!

I gave a little information about myself...a few colors I like, wrist size, but otherwise I tried to leave it open to her creativity. I can't begin to tell you how great she did! Sizing is fantastic, colors...yum and beads from several of my favorite artists! As I work on my surprises to send I hope my recipents are as pleased as I am with their surprises!

So I'll just quit babbling and say here it is...

Lampwork beads from Sue Kennedy, Glass Bead Art and Sheila Davis. Here's a link to Patti's shop so you can pay her a visit and a get a piece of her beautiful jewelry for yourself!

Have a great evening!

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